ACUDIRECT is a nation-wide database of natural health professionals, to showcase their services and help match them with potential patients in their area.
All types of natural health professionals are welcome to list with ACUDIRECT. Acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapist, exercise and rehabilitation specialists, skin care specialists, nutritionists, and more!
ACUDIRECT is a service created by Kamwo Meridian Herbs. Kamwo is the oldest and largest Chinese herbal dispensary on the East Coast, offering acupuncture supplies, Chinese herbs, and natural health options since 1973. The professional listings with ACUDIRECT appear on our public site www.kamwo.com, as well as through www.acudirect.com.
Some natural health professions require Masters or Doctoral level schooling, with state licensure, and others accredited certification. Listing on ACUDIRECT is open to all types of natural health professionals. This includes licensed or board certified practitioners such as Acupuncturists, Herbalists, and Massage Therapists, as well as certified professionals such as Aromatherapists, Nutritionists, and Martial Arts instructors.
ACUDIRECT receives a registration application from a practitioner that wants to create a listing. We verify the schooling background and credentials of the applicant. If a registration is approved, then the practitioner is given access to create their account.
Information published on ACUDIRECT profiles is controlled and vetted by the practitioner themselves. After a practitioner has been approved for an account, we do not verify information published on ACUDIRECT profiles. A published listing on ACUDIRECT does not imply endorsement by Kamwo of a professional, their services, or their claims.
To get started, simply enter your Zip Code and distance to look at practitioners in your area. Refine your search by choosing specific services, practice details, or specialty areas you're looking for.
When you find a listing that interests you, you can click on Add to My Favorites next to their profile. Hover over the My Favorites tab on the upper right of the page to choose to email your list to yourself. Please note that for security purposes, your Favorites list will not be stored once you leave the site or after a period of inactivity of more than 15 minutes.
Choose Add to My Favorites next to any of the profiles you are interested in. Then hover over My Favorites and choose to email your favorites list. You can send the results to yourself, or a friend. Separate multiple emails with a comma.
Click on View My Profile on the right side of any listing to see their full profile. Most practitioners will also link their website to their ACUDIRECT profile, where you can find additional information about a particular practitioner and their services.
Click on the Email Me button on the right side of the listing you want to contact. Enter your contact information and question into the email form that pops up, and hit send. Most practitioners will also link their website to their ACUDIRECT profile. There may be additional ways to contact a practitioner through their website.
Thankfully, there are natural health professionals all over the country, so there are most likely practitioners in your area. Start by searching in your Zip Code only. If you chose a distance very close (5 or 10 miles) and do not get results, then widen your search. If you add many qualifiers onto your advanced search, you may limit your results. Start with a wider geographical scope and very basic service or specialty searches.
We intend ACUDIRECT to show those interested in natural health the options available in their area. If you are looking for a particular service or specialty that doesn't seem to be offered, our recommendation would be to contact some of the practitioners in your search results. Many natural health professionals service a wide variety of populations and healthcare needs- more than they could include in one listing! Search the websites of professionals listed in your area, and use the Email Me option to ask them about your needs directly.
Search results are ordered by the most to least relevant based on your search criteria. If you search in your Zip Code only, results will appear with those closest to you at the top of the list. When you use the Refine Search list, it will add that criteria to organize your results. For instance, if you choose, Acupuncture and Fertility, your top results will be those that offer both of those services in your geographical area. If no one in your area lists all of the options you've chosen, then the results will be ordered by those that fit closest.
The numbers indicate how many results for that item are in your geographical area. For instance, if you see Nutritional Counseling (25), that means there are 25 listings for professionals offering that service in your area.
Follow the link below to register with Kamwo's E-Script. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an auto-reply email with your login information. Log in to E-Script, scroll over My Account and choose Publish My Profile To AcuDirect. Fill out your profile listing, upload a photo, link your website, list your hours, detailed services, and more.
Start your registration:
Your credentials on your registration will be verified and you will receive an email with your log in information once it has been approved. Use this to log on to Kamwo's E-Script (https://www.kamwo.com/escript/login.php). Go to My Account, then choose Publish My Profile to AcuDirect. Fill out your profile and Publish when you are happy with. You can always preview your listing before you publish, and Unpublish at any time. Any time you need to access your listing, go through E-Script (https://www.kamwo.com/escript/login.php).
Any time you need to access your listing, go through E-Script (https://www.kamwo.com/escript/login.php). At any time, you can update the information in your ACUDIRECT listing. Log in to your E-Script account, scroll over My Account and choose Publish My Profile To AcuDirect. Make the changes you want to your profile, then save.
Once you have filled out your ACUDIRECT profile, you must choose to Publish it in order to be seen online. You can Preview your listing before it goes live. At any time if you wish to remove your listing from ACUDIRECT, you can choose to Unpublish your profile. The Publish, Preview, and Unpublish options are all located on the bottom of the Practitioner Listing form.
We encourage practitioners to take advantage of listing all of the options that apply to their practice. These are the parameters that potential patients use to refine their search for professionals in their area. If you have a service, certification, or credential which is not listed on our form, you can include it in the free field where you explain your practice in detail.
Potential patients can choose to send you an email by using the Email Me button on your published profile. No one can see the email you link there. You can also link your practices main website to your ACUDIRECT profile. If you have other ways to contact you listed on your website, a potential patient may choose to contact you in that way.
If you want your practice times listed, we recommend entering them into the schedule field on the Practitioner Listing form. You can list exact times (9am - 5 pm), or simply mark off the days you work (choose to block the entire day you work and list 'by appointment' rather than exact times). If you do not want to list your hours on your profile, do not enter anything into the schedule area. It will only appear when something has been added to the field, it will not show a blank calendar.
ACUDIRECT offers space to list location, hours, and contact info for two different locations. If you practice in one location only, do not include information in any fields relating to a second office. Those fields will only show on your listing if you enter information into them.