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Susan Jarrell

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I am a very hands-on practitioner. I have 2 treatment rooms, but stagger appointments at 30 minute intervals so I may give you my undivided attention. I do a lot of trigger-point-release in my practice, which requires extended needling time vis a vis TCM style needling. I enjoy treating women throughout pregnancy and am trained in acupuncture for labor & delivery. Acupuncture inductions are my favorite treatments to give since that treatment was my first experience with acupuncture. Having birthed 4 sons naturally, and because of my specialized training and experience in Chinese Medicine, I think I am uniquely qualified to help women who desire a natural birth to achieve that goal. My specializations are rooted in my personal experiences and include gynecological and reproductive health, acupuncture in labor & delivery and pediatric acupuncture.


Primary Office
166 Dekalb Avenue
entrance on Cumberland St @ green sign
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 917-705-5974
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