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Rebecca Nye

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"Body Wisdom Acupuncture" is the name of my practice and also my approach to treating people. It means that I have great respect for the body's inner intelligence, and it's capacity for self-repair and wholeness. When you come to me because your body is not functioning the way you feel it should, or the way it used to, or you are in approach in treating you with acupuncture will be to observe and listen to your body's signals for what has gone wrong and what it needs now, and to always respect your unique path towards wellness. Acupuncture involves a gentle yet powerful process of awakening your body's energy pathways and innate intelligence, to rebalance and heal issues holistically - on physical as well as emotional, mind and spirit levels. It helps to release blockages & improve circulation to relieve pain, and stimulates cellular repair. My treatment style is attuned to you personally, so that you are comfortable and relaxed in your treatments and you are able to make steady, natural, and lasting progress in your health goals. Whether you are on a path of self-transformation or you simply want to get back to your normal activities and feel well, it will be my pleasure and privilege to assist you towards wellness with this wonderful and ancient Energy Medicine.


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3532 Anderson Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM-New Mexico 87106
Phone: 505-785-1760
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