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Kath Bartlett

Licensed Acupuncturist
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Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc practices the Balance Method (BM) of acupuncture, developed by Richard Tan, OMD. BM works with the relationships the acupuncture meridians have with one another to stop pain and restore balance to the body thus treating disease states. BM often offers often instantaneous results, exciting for both practitioner and patient, and uses fewer needles then other styles of acupuncture. Bartlett utilizes the Traditional Chinese Medicine style of herbology, compounding individualized herbal formulas for her patients. A well-seasoned practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Bartlett has a general practice and sees excellent results in treating a wide variety of conditions, including allergies & sinusitis, rashes & dermatological conditions, pain: headaches, back pain, joint pain - knee, elbow, ankle, hip, carpel tunnel syndrome, G/I and bowel problems, gyn conditions, including PMS, menstrual pain, heavy menstruation, amenorrhea, peri-menopausal complaints & infertility, chro


Primary Office
70 Woodfin place
suite west wing two
asheville, north carolina 28801
Phone: 828 258-2777
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